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How the PS2 became the most successful game console ever made

The sixth generation video game and entertainment console from Sony’s PlayStation series, the Playstation 2 or PS2 is the successor of the highly successful PlayStation1 which was the first game console to sell 100 million units worldwide.  PS2 is now considered one of the most successful game console versions and was once the best-selling console before the rise of Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox series.  It sold over 140 million units on its ninth year.

Prior to the well-loved PS2 slim version, the earlier version PS2 original became a hit among all types of gamers.  It has undisputedly captured the hearts of gaming enthusiasts worldwide.  How the PS version found its way to success can be surmised into these two points.

1.      Harping on the PlayStation 1’s success, the PS2 promotion has been released at the right time when people needed to quench their thirst for a new home console invention.  Adding to and improving the features of the first version specifically in terms of graphics, speed and internet connectivity, the PS2 is the commencement exercise of the its predecessor the PS1. 

2.     Being first to launch has always been a good marketing and sales strategy.  It seized the opportunity of being able to pioneer some features while competitors are still tied up on perfecting technology before they launched. 

Because of PS2’s uncanny move to pioneer the home console market, it was able to dominate the said arena while still finding ways to address the modern gamers concerns.  Indeed, Sony marketing did a good job of promoting its products which made the PS2 the once most sought after gadget worldwide.

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